Rhizome Promotion: Hot Hot Hosting Deals

The U.S. is currently experiencing widespread heat waves, but you can be anywhere in the world and feel the heat of the scorching hot web-hosting deals offered by our partner, Broadspire. For a low $65 annual payment, you'll get 350MB of disk storage, 1GB data transfer per month, POP email, free setup, and daily content back-ups. Broadspire also offers affordable higher-level plans and a range of options for those with more needs. Meanwhile, each sign-up will drop a dime in the Rhizome donation box. So please visit Broadspire, today, and get ready to start uploading those art works, blog rants, video posts, and photo feeds! Afterwards, we'll say thanks by listing your name and URL on our front page, alongside fellow supporters! That's pretty cool, afterall. - Rhizome.org