Content-less places in virtual and physical realms

Via aeiou, Internet Soul Portraits is a project by Mark Callahan:

Internet Soul Portraits (I.S.P.), net art project

I.S.P. is a tongue-in-cheek treatment of web design as pure representation. In this project, familiar images are altered by the application of essentialist, reductive approaches from a painterly tradition. The images are derived from the home pages of some of the most popular sites on the Web: Yahoo, Google, MSN, Amazon, CNN, eBay, The Weather Channel, MapQuest, Best Buy, and MySpace.

Removing the content of this virtual place, it reminds me some art projects such as “Floating Logos” by Matt Siber (on the left) or Christoph Steinbrener et Rainer Dempf’s “Delete!” project or Cedric Bernadotte’s “A town without writings” (below):

Why do I blog this? I like the parallel between virtual and real place.