Post-Periphery Power Plays

The 21st century has ushered in new social structures that call for a re-envisioning of activist models. This is the premise behind the online exhibition, Extrapolations, curated by Humberto Ramirez and hosted by Ramirez's curatorial statement very eloquently lays out the postmodern constructs and real conditions that prompted 20th century protesters to base their actions on a model that pitted peripheries against centers. His argument is that alternative forms of behavior and mobility were made possible within the 'fringes' of society. After political and economic decentralization, and the now constantly-shifting nature of power, those wishing to challenge authority might do well to relinquish their embrace of marginality. This new approach is embodied in Extrapolation's eight internet-based projects, by artists Eteam, Deva Eveland, Peiyun Lee, Lana Lin, Jason Nelson, Arzu Ozkal Telhan, The Yes Men & Patrick Lichty, and Jody Zellen. Many of their works deal with the kind of multiplicity of interpretations afforded by abandonment of either/or, inside/outside perspectives. You might want to watch them multiple times. - Angela Moreno