OPEN CALL paraflows 06 EXHIBITION Vienna
Judith Fegerl:

PARAFLOWS 06 / annual convention for digital arts and cultures
09.-16.09.2006, Vienna, Austria
paraflows 06 / EXHIBITION
The exhibition PARAFLOWS 06 invites you to submit contributions. The exhibition deals with current artistic positions within digital media and net cultures. We will present productions which – using new media as a cultural tool – aim for a better understanding of today’s society, thus also being able to utter criticism in order to redesign society. We are eager to see works highlighting and scrutinising the decisive role of new technologies in the development and the perception of presentday culture. This year’s exhibition will focus on the idea of a ‘net behind the net’ which can mean both the digital behind the social net, and the social behind the digital net. Paraflows (the Greek prefix ‘para’ meaning: beside, near, moreover) emanates from the main motors of freedom of the net and its para-experts, the wikipedias and slashdots of all areas within which consumers help each other voluntarily to become and remain critical users and experts in their fields. We are interested in works augmenting our understanding of data protection and privacy, decentralisation, and self-publishing, works that deal with the implications of free ‘social software’ (web 2.0, blogs, wikis, etc.) in realspace, and in works analysing the importance of computer programming as a cultural technique.
paraflows 06 / LOCATIONS exhibitions
The exhibition will be held in various locations of the Viennese art and culture scene, ranging from art spaces to clubs, production sites and gallery spaces (details below). We explicitly encourage contributions which are generated for or in accordance with one of the locations, though spatial reference is by no means compulsory. For the seven days of the exhibition, there will be a "" taking place at a different location every day, intended to provide opportunities for artists and producers to communicate with each other.