Archived 'Month of Sundays' Real-time Internet Performances.

marc garrett:

Archived recordings of 'Month of Sundays', ready for viewing of the Real-time, Internet Performances.

Session 1, Roger Mills and Neil Jenkins

Session 2, Paul Wilson and James Smith

Session 3, John Hopkins

Session 4, John Kannenberg and Glenn Bach


Every Sunday afternoon throughout June, hosted live audio-visual internet performances in the online file mixing platform, Visitors Studio - in real-time.

The events featured some of the most innovative international AV artists mixing remotely from various geographic locations and time zones.

Which included audiences and workshops at the Watershed, Bristol.
Audiences and participants at E:vent, (London) UK.
Audiences and collaborations at The Point CDC Theatre (New York) US.

If you want to know more about Visitorsstudio visit link below:

If you want to know more about the venues/groups/organisers involved visit links below:
Watershed -
E:vent -
The point -
Furthernoise - www.Furthernoise.or & are projects, >supported by Arts Council England.