Instrument exhibition at Futuresonic 2006

drew hemment:

FUTURESONIC 2006 Urban Festival of Electronic Music and Arts Manchester 20 - 23 July

Futuresonic 2006 presents two major exhibitions as a part its 10th anniversary festival featuring more than 100 acts and artists.

INSTRUMENT MANCHESTER UK 20-29 JULY 2006 An exhibition of artist-made instruments, noise generators, audio- visual manipulators and head twisters by leading sound artists and noise-makers. A mix of high tech and low tech - live installations, concert performances, and abstract busking. Museum of Science and Industry

A computer allows users to make music with the hands-on process of scratching the disk (LSD Drive, Simon Blackmore), the re-mix is taken into uncharted territory (Scrambled Hackz, Sven Konig), hand-drawn images are digitally brought to life (Drawn, Zachary Lieberman), copyleft licensed 12 inch vinyl 'battle tools' are created (Leverage, Open Music Archive), and a potent mix of wood and computer technology appears (iLog, Owl Project). See and hear an instrument and performance creating improvised choral music (The Speech Guitar, Jon Cambeul), and music created with an Etch-A-Sketch (Duelling Etch-A- Sketches, Pete Hindle). Hypercompositions are created for digital and acoustic instruments (Tosterasta, Vergil Sharkya'), and light and sound are controlled as comfortably as playing musical instruments or painting pictures (Tenori-On, Toshio Iwai).

Voices sing into the quiet resonance of a banjo echoing the distant strum of a half-remembered blues (Can You Hear Me? (Peter Appleton and Simon Thorne), listen to the sound of the human voice re-voiced as an electric guitar (Translate, John J. Campbell), and the sound of a large scale digitally controlled ready-made noise-machine orchestra (Noise-Machine Orchestra, Colin Fallows). At Instrument anything seems possible - an Aeolian bow is transformed into an electro acoustic instrument (The Arc, Max Eastley), high tech instrument design is combined with ancient African musical forms (Pangeia Instrumentos, Victor Gama), enjoy the physical experience of music whilst sitting in an armchair (Sonic Armchair, Kaffe Matthews), and consider the application of the 'Process of Painting' to the guitar (Guitar Retrospective, Keith Rowe).

Curated by Colin Fallows and Drew Hemment

FUTURESONIC 2006 FOCUS WEEKEND 20-23 JULY 2006 Futuresonic 2006 also features the OFF THE MAP exhibition, the SOCIAL TECHNOLOGIES SUMMIT, and extensive WORKSHOPS programme, and FUTURESONIC LIVE.


1830 WarehouseThe Museum of Science & Industry in Manchester Liverpool Road, Castlefield, Manchester M3 4FP 0161 832 2244


Delegate Pass: 45 GBP Includes Weekender Wristband (normally 25 GBP).

Student Delegate Pass: 10 GBP Includes Loyalty Wristband (normally 3 GBP).


If you're looking for a place to stay, some of us will be staying at the Britannia Hotel. Any hotels located within a half-mile of this location will put you right at the heart of the festival's night-time action.

The Britannia Hotel, Portland Street, Manchester M1 3LA. 0161 228 2288 / 0845 644 8444