Museolab: museolab technology testing

Lyon’s future museum called "Muse des Confluences" (architecture by Coop Himmelblau) has a research structure called Museolab that aims at inventing, experimenting and validating technologies and services that would improve museum visitors' experience (better interacting and understanding an exhibit). Museolab will then test the technologies that will then be validated at the Museum.

What they are working on is pretty close to nowadays trends: personalization according to a certain visitor's profile, learning devices based on the visitors' paths and actions, use of RFID tags...

One of the intriguing project they have is called "La Malle A  Objets" using smaller versions of object exhibited in the museum, people can drop it close to a device that would give them information about it. I am definitely not an expert of museum technologies but it's interesting to see how tangible interfaces also pervades in this kind of settings.