Landscape music

LocoSound is a work in progress that aims to synchronize an FM audio experience with the landscape viewed from a train window.

Through a system of GPS tracking, the audience can tune into a radio frequency when boarding a train wagon and become part of an audio visual experience that is based on a sound experience created for a specific train visual (the landscape between Zurich and Basel for example.) The system that is to be developed will be sensitive and responsive to any delays, unexpected stops or other real-time changes in the train ride.


The experience is therefore not linear but interactive and responsive, taking into account the singular experience of a particular train ride.

A more sophisticated version of the project might include sound variations that depend on the external light or the train speed. The GPS system and any additional sensor would be linked to a central computer via a midi interface. The data and the sound will be managed through Max/MSP (or Pure Data)

LocoSound will be available in only one carriage. Travelers will tune in via an FM stereo receiver or via the tunner FM available on many mobile phones.

A project by Alain Bellet.

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Via netzwissenschaft.