Troika Ranch -16 [R]EVOLUTIONS

16 [R]EVOLUTIONS (2006, 3MB, 1:50 min)

I saw this piece from NY based group Troika Ranch a couple
of weeks back in deepest Essex, UK & it was utterly great - took me about ten minutes to put my jaw back in postion after. Certainly by far the most convincing & mature use of digital technology/projection in a dance context I have yet seen. Much of the visual flavor comes from the Isadora real time video manipulation software created by co-artistic director Mark Coniglio & used together with motion sensing software. It's not just the tech stuff though - it's great choreography & dance somehow informed by the particular rhythms, logic, that the tech feedback loop sets up, implies. It's the fact, too, that a company deploying cutting edge tech can still use simple shadow & stillness to devastating effect. I felt I was in at the birth of something quite new, quite different... Definitely worth catching.