Genius 2000: A New Network

Max Herman:

Hi All,

This is just to announce that I have completed a book-sized manuscript about Genius 2000, and it is now available for free at my website

In this book I try to accomplish several things: the development of Genius 2000 ideas, the correction of certain errors, a reconciliation with the war on terror, and an acceptance of my personal problems (among other topics).

The book is written in the form of two thousand questions and answers, each about a paragraph long. I call each of these questions and answers a "quantum," in comparison to the original G2K ideas of "talent" and "kung-an."

Those who are already familiar with Genius 2000 will find new material here as well as further development of original concepts. Those new to Genius 2000 may be a little bit confused at first and may wish to refer to the other material on the site (such as the Video First Edition transcripts) before reading the MS. On the other hand, it may also be aesthetically preferable and more accurate to read the book first.

Thanks to all for your kind wishes, and happy new year!

Max Herman The Genius 2000 Network