more Compressionism
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nathaniel stern:

New images, video and text (including Manifesto-like "rules" for Compressionist works) are up at

I think the most exciting bit is probably the new video, with some great footage of "action Jackson" and my Compression methods - he's a custom-made, battery-operated and fully portable appendage for 360- degree Compressionist scans.

Compressionism is a digital performance and analog archive. In the current studies, I compress bodies, spaces and objects by traversing their surfaces with an image scanner, along varying 3-dimensional paths - I literally glide, run, hover and swoop across windows, trees, or lilies while the scanner head is in motion. The resulting digital images, which are transfigured down to the size of a small piece of paper, are then re-stretched to their original size, sometimes cropped or colorized. The final prints ask us to 'look again' at the relations between subjects, objects, actions and perceptions.

related: Check out the Boing Boing post @ about Mike Golembewski's scanner photography. Basically, he's turned his scanner into a (very large format pinhole camera- beautiful stuff!