at interval, 1977 / 2006

Spent most of the weekend working on a new video piece for the t-minus 2006 festival, an exhibition and DVD produced by Joshua Goldberg and Chris Jordan, New York City. It’s likely to be the first in a small series of "lapses," which play with time and language, by compressing popular films into a different space of relation:

< video still from at interval
video still from at interval

For at interval, I captured the entirety of Woody Allen’s Annie Hall, then removed all spoken dialogue from the film. Time is slowed down, through emphasis on breathing, silence, mistakes, facial expressions and music between the text, and paradoxically sped up, through an immense shortening of the film - from one hour and thirty minutes, to just over thirteen. at interval compresses the movie by removing Allen’s characters’ lapses in judgment, and instead plays with time to accent similar impossibilities within language.

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quicktime and javascript required; 11.7MB pop-up window, 13:22