Reblogging Blues

More than a curated series of links, 'Abe & Mo Sing the Blogs' is part reblog and part... drinking game, maybe? Net artists Marisa Olson and Abe Linkoln's new project, now featured on the Whitney Museum's Artport, is presented as a concept 'album.' For each re-posted blog entry artfully culled from the weirdest smart/dumb stuff on the Internet, either Olson or Linkoln has recorded an mp3 track lyrically tied to the post's content. While Linkoln's hallmark post-punk aesthetic and messy karaoke appropriations aren't quite as freaky as Olson's sultry a cappella interpretations, including the remarkable song, 'I F*cking Hate Horses,' their respective net personae, pop obsessions and remix-compulsions mesh well to frame this digest of online ready-mades with their own 'performative ephemera.' Abe & Mo's exploitation of the blog format as both archival medium and performance venue is an ongoing theme, evident in both their previous collaboration, 'Universal Acid,' as well as their varied individual works, indexed in the album 'liner notes.' - Johanna Fateman