GAME as CRITIC as ART. 2.0. (Part V)

Last episode of Laura Baigorri' essay for GAME as CRITIC as ART. 2.0. (see Part I, II, III and IV.)

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In one of her PDF , Laura Baigorri recommended also the following games:
- Rethinking wargames that "uses the game of chess to find strategies that challenge existing power structures and their concomitant war machineries",
- UnderAsh and UnderSiege "is about the modern history of Palestine and it focuses on the lives of Palestinian family between 1999-2002 during the second Intifada. All levels are based on true stories."
- Crosser and La Migra simulate opposing points of view on the Rio Grande (more details),
- Stone Throwers, "in dedication to the Palestinians who have died in the nearly three months of clashes with the Israeli army."
- The Great Game, a daily record of Enduring Freedom as a 3d terrain map of the Afghanistan region,
- Tropical America: your journey begins as the sole survivor of a terrible massacre - you must find four pieces of evidence to bring justice to the memory of your small village.

Diffusion and investigation

Water Cooler Games, Opensorcery, Molleindustria, Selectparks, Persuasive Games.

Shows: Breaking and Entering: Art and the Video Game and re:Play.