Deep sequences - Cybernetic sound interaction.

Peter Vogel has been making exquisite sculptures since 1969 using combinations of sound generators, switches, amplifiers, loudspeakers, and photocells. These fine frames of components not only look good but also have functioning memories, behaving differently depending on each individual observer. This interview by NAKAGAWA Shin done in May/July 1992 does a great job of revealing the philosophy and methodology behind these sound sculptures. It turns out that Vogel originally started out as a painter but along the way studied physics and cybernetics as well as doing brain research as a profession. Here are a number links to pictures of Peter Vogel's works in shows.

Peter Vogel at Galerie Carzaniga

Peter Vogel at Bitforms

Peter Vogel at Galerie Hoffmann

Link discovered at Getlofi -- a Circuit Bending resource and space for glitch art and electronic music