Upgrade! Vancouver


Tonight! Reva Stone

Upgrade! Vancouver: Join us February 13 at 8pm for a talk by Reva Stone. Stone will provide an overview of her practice, including documentation of her recent work, Imaginal Expression, on exhibit at the Surrey Art Gallery until April 2. This viewer activated, computer-generated, real-time animated, 3D environment uses 3D imagery based on protein molecules, wrapped with scanned imagery from the human body - flesh, hair, blood vessels, bruises and scars. As people are sensed in the Gallery, the molecular components begin to animate to form a molecule, to mutate, and follow the movement of the visitor. When the visitor leaves, the molecule begins to degenerate. She will also provide an introduction to the project she is currently developing while working as an Artist in Residence in the TechLab. Exchange combines voice and face recognition software, video capture and graphics to create a work that appears to have sentience.

Where: Western Front, 303 East 8th Avenue, Vancouver, Canada FREE! Everyone welcome. After the talk we'll adjourn to the Whip Gallery for refreshments that have nothing to do with Valentine's Day.

Reva Stone is a Canadian artist well known for her work with digital technologies. She has worked with video, net.art, interactive installations, robotics, responsive 3D environments, and currently is working with voice and face recognition technologies. For more than 10 years Reva Stone has been investigating western culture¹s drive to model, simulate, engineer and manipulate biological life. Living matter is being revealed as increasingly mutable. Reva Stone has exhibited her work internationally and is also active as a curator, a writer, an educator and a mentor to artists through MAWA, Mentoring Artists for Women¹s Art. Although she is based in Winnipeg, she has relocated to BC for three months during her tenure as an artist in residence at the Techlab at the Surrey Art Gallery.