Digital Arts and New Media Festival

UC Santa Cruz Digital Arts and New Media MFA Program is pleased to announce the Digital Arts and New Media Festival taking place at UCSC between May 4th and May 7th, 2006. The UCSC DANM MFA Program serves as a center for the development and study of digital media and the cultures they have helped create. The DANM Festival 2006 will showcase the expanding arena in which this new art practice is emerging and it will signal UCSC’s presence as a prominent center of activity in digital arts and new media. The DANM Festival 2006 introduces the campus and the public at large to cutting edge experimental work and serves as a bridge to the local community through collaborations with the The Museum of Art & History @ The McPherson Center and the Santa Cruz Film Festival.

Presenting work by national and international artists, expert speakers, and members of the DANM MFA Program, the DANM Festival 2006 features the following events [....]