40 Winks December 10th

Kevin Slagle, the proprietor of Oakland's Ego Park gallery, doesn't keep regular gallery hours. He has no curatorial assistants, no board of directors and no calendar beyond a couple months into the future. [....] But when Kevin is inspired with a good idea, Ego Park somehow manages to emerge from semi-obscurity to shine with surprising brilliance and present amazing shows and events. [....] It has been a while since Kevin has pulled out all the stops for an ambitious Ego Park show, but there have been the sound of elves tinkering during the night and the stars seem to be lining up for Ego Park's next show, opening Friday, December 10th to be a winner. The show, entitled "40 Winks / Mini-Theater" is a show of video work curated by San Francisco-based artist Sue Costabile. Sue is a musician and visual artist who is best known for her intricate and compelling video projections, which she usually shows live in collaboration with experimental electronic musicians. Having, as she says, "failed as a VJ", Sue uses a custom-made method of manipulating small objects on a light table, which is filmed from above with a firewire camera layered and composited live in software. Her exquisite visual manipulations have earned her invitations to perform all over the world at festivals such as Mutek, Sonar and Ars Electronica. [.....] If music and art are separate art forms, but as I propose, siblings, I see art and music as possessing a sort of Luke-and-Leah relationship: that of having been separated at birth, cultivating slightly different interests and skills, and finding themselves later in life hopelessly attracted to one another (and somewhat restrained by conventions) [....]