From the archives: artstream

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Between 2002 and 2003, Chris Byrne curated artstream, an experimental project exploring the potentials of artists’ use of streaming media. artstream comprised occasional projects with live and prerecorded material.

Works presented during that time included Ben Woodeson’s Portable Bug, a self-sufficient solar powered bugging device which broadcast sound and vision of its surroundings over the internet; CN_ZER0 v6.4, internet streams from a performance by New York based artist Cary Peppermint at CCA, Glasgow, 2002; and Sounds From Near And Far, internet audio streams connecting Sofia, Edinburgh and Liverpool featuring sound works from artists across the globe on the theme of the translocal: travel, crossing borders, migration, sounds of different cultures and environments. Sounds From Near And Far includes works by Diskono, Chantal Dumas, Borderhack, Zoë Irvine, Alistair Macdonald, Paul Rooney, Public Works, Peter Cusack, Chris Bowman, Sue Mark, Janek Schaefer, Calum Stirling, Mark Vernon, Robert Mackay, Mark Lawton, Gen Ken Montgomery, John Campbell, Vanessa Cuthbert, Max Eastley, Colin Fallows, Martin e Greil, Phil Mouldycliff, Russell Mills & Ian Walton, Robin Rimbaud, Will Sergeant, Vergil Sharkya’, Paul Simpson and John Young.

The artstream projects can be experienced by following this link.