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New additions to the DOCAM Web site

Videos of the presentations and conferences of the second annual DOCAM International Summit, held in Montreal in October 2006, are now available on the Web site of the DOCAM Research Alliance, which focuses on the documentation and conservation of the media arts heritage.

Included are presentations on the progress to date of the various DOCAM committees as well as the seminars led by Mona Jimenez (New York University, New York), Hans Dieter Huber (Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Künste, Stuttgart), Matthew Biederman (Montreal), and Pip Laurenson (Tate, London). The closing conference, given by Canadian artist Vera Frenkel, is also available for viewing.

Among the themes featured are the teaching of the documentation and conservation of technology-based artworks and the "restoration" of these artistic practices:

The DOCAM Web site also offers essays written by some of the students who attended the first DOCAM seminar, held last winter at the Daniel Langlois Foundation's Centre for Research and Documentation (CR+D).

The seminar was organized by Will Straw of the Art History and Communication Studies Department at McGill University in Montreal.

Aligned to the DOCAM research themes, these essays focus on subjects that include the conservation of networked art, the documentation of electronic art, and the collecting of new media art by museums, to name just a few:

Research and Experimentation Grants in Art+Science+Technology

The Daniel Langlois Foundation is resuming its research and experimentation grant program for individuals or research groups. Call for proposals started on November 1st 2006.

This program offers grants to individuals of all nationalities who make exceptional contributions to the advancement of knowledge at the crossroads of art, science, technology and the environment, or to candidates whose projects show a high level of originality and innovation in these domains.

The deadline to submit a proposal is January 31st, 2007. It is mandatory to use the on-line form:

Please consult the program guidelines for more information (PDF format):