Uncut bonus footage (all alone in the computer lab)
disc trays screensavers
This is uncut footage from 2 of my 9 short music videos, direct from DV tape. Both were shot in the computer labs at school, which look pretty dull and lifeless - but in a charming way (?) .. The labs were in a temporary building for the department which had lots of loud fluorescent lights, cheap plastic floors, and windows that couldn't open.

Being the nerd I am, I'd be in these labs for hours and hours... and after folks cleared out, I'd move all the computers and monitors around and film them doing stupid things! The disc tray stuff was fun because I had to hit the eject button on one keyboard and then run really fast to hit it on the other one (the cables wouldn't reach.) With the screen savers, I'd set the idle/waiting time settings to 3 minutes on all the computers, smack all the keyboards along with the music, watch the clock for a bit, and then start filming right as the monitors all fade to screensavers in sync and on beat. I ruled the computer labs! (...unfortnately, I just graduated - so no more access to all that cool stuff...)

Technical note: I think I compressed the videos in Quicktime 7 formats so plz let me know if they don't work for you, and I'll never do it again :)