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Igor Stromajer by Ignacio Nieto

INTERVIEW: Local: 0, Global: 1. Igor Stromajer / Entrevista a Igor Stromajer by Ignacio Nieto :: This interview is published in Spanish and English ::

Ignacio Nieto: In an interview for the 24th issue of Neural, you said that you prefer low-tech software for use by the public; do you think that a big part of technology that has been commercialized since the 90s no longer has any relevance today? And if it is so; which and why, would be for you, the models and/or protocols that are out of this marketing logic?

Igor Stromajer: Today nothing is outside the marketing logic, not even free software. Nowadays also the basic democracy is expensive and is a part of the logic of the capital. You have to pay for nature, for water and for intimacy; therefore it's normal that there is no such thing as non-marketable protocol or software. But since we can't do bigger revolutionary steps anymore, small steps are of an extreme importance. We have to be very flexible, dynamic, inventive and resourceful, learning how to use time-limited free software, freeware and shareware programs, beta versions and demos. By actively and constantly following this development on the Internet market, we're able to do almost everything with our computers, without paying anything. That includes guerrilla tactics, of course, and learning modern marketing strategies. [continue reading at newmediaFIX]