Unititled & Joseph Stone House
Joseph Stone House & Untitled - Joe Gilmore & Paul Emery

Joe Gilmore is a sound and installation artist based in Leeds, UK. It's most probable you will know his work though RAND%() (with Nullpointer) which is to my mind, the first real-time generative radio station to stream the wires. Joe has also released musical compositions on specialist labels such as the excellent 12k/Line (minimal clickologists out there will immediately hear a bell, if not some kind of granular sound at the mention). But this is not all, experimenting with MAX/MSP jitter he has also some interesting looking video pieces in progress -- Untitled, a collaboration with Paul Emery sees some slice-forms appearing to evolve in muted iridescent colours. Another collaboration from these two is Joseph Stone House -- a generative film exploring the interrelationships of music and architecture. 'The film was structured and edited in Max/MSP and Jitter using patterns in the architecture as a score' -- stills of the work can be viewed here. Paul is also a video artist who has recently found interest in the video synthesis toolkit VVVV, his current interest lies with 'quaternion fractal geometry and super trigonometric wave formations' -- his VVVV experimentation can be found here. Great work form the North of England!