Machinima at the Edinburgh International Film Fest

The EIFF wrote to SP to let us know of their strong representation of Machinima in this year's festival. A surprising inclusion in the programme is Ken Perlin, the man behind the CG of Tron and the infamous Perlin Noise. From the press release:

Machinima, the making of short movies using video games, will be taking centre stage at the fourth Edinburgh Interactive Entertainment Festival (EIEF06) in August with three of the movement’s biggest names.

‘Machinima –the triumph of hybrid authorship’ will be an exploration of the new amateur art form that is taking the media world by storm and has seen companies such as MTV and Lionhead embracing its modus operandi.

Pioneers in the field Rooster Teeth Productions will be unveiling an exclusive Scottish themed episode of their long-running series Red vs Blue. Written especially for the festival, the episode will be performed live on 22nd August during the industry conference.

Based in the world of Halo, Red vs Blue is downloaded by over half a million people each week and the conference organisers are giving a local Edinburgh resident the exclusive chance to star in this hugely successful series.

Also participating in the session is industry luminary Ken Perlin, who will be premiering his unique exploration of the inextricable relationship between music and movement for the first time outside of the US.