REVIEW: Lev Manovich on Remix Culture, by Trebor Scholz

This text was originally released on the IDC list. it is also posted on, and republished here with permission.

At the occasion of the exhibition 'Media Miniature' at Pratt Manhattan Gallery Lev Manovich introduced a new essay from his upcoming book 'Infoaesthetics.'

Quickly going back and forth between a projected myriad of open browser windows he presented his notion of remix culture.

Manovich anthropomorphized the evolution of new media. He delineated a map of the development of new media and linked stages in that trajectory to the computerized simulation of physical objects. His core suggestion, carefully constructed, was the emergence of hybrid media emerging out of remix culture. Multimedia for Manovich is an inadequate concept that defines media as standing next to each other. Today, "the computer becomes a petri dish in which different media mate, hybridize, mix. Media come together and create offspring. Meta media" (roughly quoted from memory). Manovich called himself a biologist of new media observing and reflecting this process. In his visual presentation he quickly switched back and forth between art examples and commercial business applications such as corporate promotional MTV-type video clips, or [Review continues....]