Shake your code thang - generative hip hop visuals
Jannis Kreft: Generative Audiovisual Systems

Jannis Kreft: Generative Audiovisual Systems (rappers Monarch & Thec)

Jannis Kreft (aka 'Dein Lieblinsgestalter') has documented his diploma project for Joachim Sauter's class at Universität der Künste in Berlin. Entitled 'Generative Audiovisual Systems', the project is a performatice live show using VVVV to generate interactive sets for rappers Monarch & Thec.

Abstract visuals are usually seen illustrating electronic music, while hip hop usually features ubiquitous booty videos. Kreft breaks the norm, only referencing traditional hip hop aesthetics by including an interactive Lowrider model (seen top left). Using IR camera tracking, projections onto the bodies of the performers can be isolated from the rest of the set.

See Kreft's site for details, including step-by-step progress reports. Be sure to look for the hilarious bluescreen photos. The site also holds documentation of other audiovisual projects Kreft has been creating for media design studio Art+Com.

Respect to the German generative massive. Peace, I'm out.