Sfeer is a series of interactive photo animations that resemble computer games, but the players are real figures. The animations, put on the surface of a sphere, were transformed into explorable panoramic pictures. Using a touchscreen visitors can navigate among the pictures like they would navigate a city (here, it's Amsterdam), stop the stories wherever they like and go on with another place or character. Users can also choose whether they prefer the images to be accompanied by recorded sounds of the streets or by the personal music of the avatar.


The environment resembles an adventure game full of choices, where each decision may bring unforeseen consequences just like in everyday life. Changing the characters or hopping from link to link enable to see different lives running parallel in the same city. The aim of the project was to reveal the city from this human perspective, where the background of the scenario is Amsterdam (a similar visit of Budapest is in preparation).

Developed by SFEER Visual Group and PIPS:lab.