Breaking the Game--Immersive Technologies--Workshops--Symposium


WORKSPACE UNLIMITED, in collaboration with New York
curator Wayne Ashley, are currently organizing
Breaking the Game, a series of interdisciplinary
workshops and online symposium that bring together
competing theorists and practitioners to build, debate
and reflect on virtual worlds, computer gaming,
immersive technologies, and new possibilities for
artistic practice and experience. Taking place both
online and offline, the workshops will open up the art
of game modification to the contingencies of everyday
life, where virtual technologies increasingly mediate
physical spaces and human movements in very complex
and dynamic ways. Networked across multiple cities,
the symposium will be organized around three core
themes: "Hybridity", "Overclocking the city" and "The
virtual world as interface to self and society."

Where: Ghent, New York, Rotterdam, and the Internet
When: October, November & February 2005 - 2006

For more details and to register for Breaking the Game
workshop please visit:

or visit our website at:

Breaking the Game is supported by: Vlaams Audiovisueel
Fonds, Vlaamse Gemeenschap, V2_Organization, Vooruit
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Wayne Ashley
Independent Curator
Media Arts, Technology, Performance

Wayne Ashley