jimpunk Joseph Beuys remix

SCREENFULL has been inactive for a while but jimpunk has a new interactive piece: "Joseph.Beuys - JA JA JA JA JA NEE NEE NEE NEE NEE - AsCii Sound rem:x - #1 - 20051013-12:04." A shamanistic utterance by Beuys--not familiar with the clip--is given the Steve Reich "Come Out" treatment in three dimensions, the dimensions being height, width, and time. The sound bites overlap, go out of phase, and echo as you move a cursor around an ASCII Beuys image--kind of a speak and spell granular sampler. Subject to the usual gripes about making art based on the work of famous cult artists, checking it out is recommended. How's that for passive construction to avoid the self-absorbed sounding first person?