Man Ray's Emak Bakia

Worship The Glitch has a great post on surrealist image monger Man Ray's "cameraless" film Emak Bakia.

"In Emak Bakia, the mischievous dadaist and surrealist Man Ray pioneered the technique of cameraless filmmaking, exposing lengths of film to light after sprinkling them with pins, grains of salt and other common objects. - Individual images are striking for their humor and originality, but Ray still apparently felt it necessary to impose a conventionally readable theme -the car ride -to hold the film together."

The film, as well as Television's Tom Verlaine score for it and a collection of Man Ray's work is linked to from the Worship The Glitch post. Well worth the check-out.

Man Ray's Emak Bakia [Worship The Glitch]