Review of the Generator.x exhibition - Jørgen Larsson

This is the review posted by Jørgen Larsson on the art criticism web site Since it is a very critical review which addresses the works of individual artists I have chosen to take the trouble to translate it and re-publish it with Jørgen’s consent. Kunstkritikk functions as a debate space, responses can be posted to the original Kunstkritikk article or as comments here.

Generative processes in shrinkwrapped design 29.09.05

�� Art from code, Atelier Nord, Hausmania and the National Museum of Art, Design and Architecture, Oslo.

23 September - 16 October, 2005

By Jørgen Larsson
Translated by Marius Watz

As the exhibition Generator.x opens at the National Museum it is only natural that expectations in the electronic art scene run high. We who have followed recent developments in “generative art