Eatable Codes

Rachel Beth Egenhoefer considers her Commodore 64 computer and Fischer Price Loom to be defining objects of her childhood.

achocolt.jpg CHOCO4.jpg

Revealed Messages invites visitors to take a chocolate but leave the wrapper, thus revealing a code in the form of chocolate / no chocolate, or 0/1. The installation is monitored by a webcam outputting the punchcard-esque image of the chocolate code. The act of taking or leaving chocolate reveals a code in binary digits and changes the message constantly. The 127 chocolates correspond to the 127 characters of the ASCII keyboard.

"Binary numbers are the language of computers," Egenhoefer explains. "These numbers ideally achieve my goal as an artist constantly: to make the intangible tangible while translating that into the visual image. I have used binary codes both physically and conceptually. Some of my work directly stems from the actual zeros and ones, other works relate more abstractly through the ideas of order, structure, memory, and communication".

sweater1.jpg cake4.jpg

She also knitted and baked some pretty surprising works such as Ergonomic Cakes to help you maintain good posture while using your computer and Knit Negotiation, a sweater for the space between you and your machine.