Rafael Lozano-Hemmer: 3 expos
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Marisa Olson:

From: Rafael Lozano-Hemmer
Date: Nov 21, 2005 4:31 PM
[....]Here are announcements for three large exhibitions that are taking place in Switzerland, Britain and Germany before the end of the year. [....]

Solo exhibition at Galerie Guy Bartschi, Geneva, Switzerland.
5 November 2005 to 14 January 2006
Exhibition featuring kinetic sculptures, video, photography and interactive environments. A catalog is available with texts in English and French. Includes the premiere of "Entanglement", an installation with two neon signs that write emails to each other so that they are both simultaneously on or off. NB: In early December, "Entanglement" will also be shown at Art Basel Miami at OMR Gallery and at the transitio_mx festival in Mexico City.

A large-scale public art commission for the East Midlands region in England.
25 November to 4 December 2005: Brayford Campus, Lincoln University
12 January to 22 January 2006: Humberstone Gate, Leicester
3 February to 12 February 2006: Market Square, Northampton
24 February to 5 March 2006: Market Place, Derby
17 March to 26 March 2006: Canal Side at Castle Wharf, Nottingham
Under Scan is an interactive video installation for public space. In the piece, passers-by are detected by a computer tracking system that activates video-portraits projected within their shadow on the ground. Over one thousand uncensored portraits of local people are activated by the shadows.

Installation at Postdamer Platz, Berlin, Germany
Presentation: 29 November 15:00 at Postdamer Platz 10
Show: 13 December 2005 to 8 January 2006
A matrix of 1,800 fluorescent lamps cover an eleven storey-high building in Berlin, a creation of architects realities:united. On this facade will be displayed 55 billion unique and grammatically correct questions, --a new German version of the software "33 Questions per Minute". People will be able to input their own questions by typing them in at an outdoor kiosk. [More....]