Aspect - the Chronicle of New Media Volume VI:


On Location

Aspect - the Chronicle of New Media Volume VI: On Location--Synopsis: Without a fixed physical or temporal locus, Aspect Magazine maximizes the fluidity of its ephemeral site in Volume 6: On Location. Extending from the momentary to the monumental, terrestrial to celestial, micro to macro, and personal to cultural, this issue explores the vast concept of location. Where beyond the genre of new media art could so many different interpretations of location exist? Included in this issue:

KENSETH ARMSTEAD: in_authentic_b (an invisible cities excerpt) with audio commentary by Andrew Perchuk * C5: The C5 Landscape Initiative with audio commentary by Christiane Paul * RICHARD CLAR: COLLISION II with audio commentary by Jean-Luc Soret * SHELLEY ESHKAR AND PAUL KAISER: Pedestrian with audio commentary by George Fifield * PETE GOMES: Stedelijk Drawing with audio commentary by Jelle Bouwhuis * MTAA (M.RIVER & T.WHID ART ASSOCIATES): 1 Year Performance Video (aka samHsiehUpdate) with audio commentary by Marisa Olson * DOUGLAS WEATHERSBY: GSG Office Project with audio commentary by James Hull. [....]