CULTURETV starts 'The Next Big Thing'- VODcasting
Marjan van Mourik:

CULTURETV is the first art webtv channel produced especially for culture, art and new media.Since its launching on the 15th of June CULTURETV is successfully received by the public.

CULTURETV starts VODcasting. CULTURETV is worldwide the first art webtv channel starting this video equivalent of the popular Podcasting. People who have iTunes 4.9 installed can subscribe to the video feed of the world-wide acclaimed site and get their favorite videos at home delivered.
CULTURETV starts with video items which are in the weekly playlist, but will add specials to the VODcast.
"This is a logical step in using the ultimate technologies", says Marjan van Mourik, director of CULTURETV. "The platform to promote and present contemporary art is interesting to explore all its possibilities. Just with one goal and that is to get people interested in art. Art is a very important part in what is life about. Viewers can subscribe to different types of content and choose their own selection. We start with the art content of CULTURETV and depending on the success will add documentaries, art videos, art events, et cetera. VODcasting will help people finding quality art content tv."
contact: Marjan van Mourik
tel.: 0031102339939

How to subscribe to the CULTURETV VODcast?
1) Open iTunes 4.9 (older versions don't work). If it's not available download at
2) Choose! 'advanced' en select the option 'subscribe to podcast'. Type and click ok.
3) You are now subscribed to the VODcast! Click on the arrow to watch video titles. Double click to load the video and click once more to watch.
4) From now on you'll see automatically if there's new CULTURETV content to be watched. When you don't see video, go to 'edit' and choose 'show artwork'. Depending on your preferences settings the video will start in a new window of in the artwork window. If the latter is the case, click on the video to open in a new window. Does VODcasting work only in iTunes? No, when your RSS-reader supports multimedia and MPG4 in particular, you're fine!
And of course you can enjoy the videos also in the new iPod.