MTAA's Pre- Rejected, Pre-Approved Performances
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Hi Rhizome,

Tell Us What To Do!

MTAA's "10 Pre-Rejected, Pre-Approved Performances" is a project that allows you, the dirty mob of the unwashed Internet public, to decide what performance we do for an upcoming show!

Break down the clean, white walls of the rarified New York gallery world by telling us, MTAA, the elitist NYC net art snobs, what to do (via a simple on-line form)!

It's fun! Go there now and vote!

It's easy! Go there now and vote!

It's anti-establishment! Go there now and vote!

You get to pick from a selection of 10 titles and descriptions. Your choice is the performance we'll complete! The curator of the show and gallery directors have already agreed! The best part? All these ideas have already been rejected by other curators! Haha!

MTAA's "10 Pre-Rejected, Pre-Approved Performances" will be exhibited at Artists Space in a show entitled "We Are All Together: Media(ted) Performance" curated by Marisa Olson, which is in turn part of Empty Space With Exciting Events which is itself presented in partnership with Performa '05 The Performance Biennial. (Damn the NYC gallery world is complicated — it's like a mystery wrapped in an enigma then slathered with special confusion sauce.)