Atomic Culture Within Radically Externalised Computation

xxxxx call for papers, texts and spoken word recordings expanding the thematics of xxxxx and extending towards the performative; xxxxx call for related demonstrations and screening material such as documentation or short film/video; xxxxx call for live audio performance; xxxxx call for actions, outdoor events, workshops.

xxxxx will exercise rigorous development of the concerns of the post_crash event [London 2005] centering on speech, screening and audio performance at the ICA London and with related subevents in East London during March 2006.

xxxxx exposes a radical new space for software/computation and examines links to theories of endodata, holographic programming and auto-destructive art by way of the absolute destruction embedded within the history of computation, and furthers the expansive address of computation to the current universe; atomic culture within radically externalised computation, outside the observed system.

Papers will broach performance issues with finegrained input from participants. Performances will advance the collision of theory with practice within a third delineated space, again with an emphasis on constructivist noise, audible systematics and process, destruction. Collaboration is the new order of the day with works produced by chunked interdisciplanarians.

In this instance xxxxx builds from multiple components and sources, varying modes of revelation. The format of parallel performances/presentations with screenings will disinter xxxxx's rich thematics across a range of spaces. Further exterior distributed xxxxx ad-hoc subevents [such as walks, talks, and workshops] will be programmed around the main event throughout March 2005.

xxxxx the sign of the double integral
xxxxx substance and software
xxxxx final revelations for a holographic binding OS [VALIS]
xxxxx melancholia, [auto] destruction and m
xxxxx supreme abstraction + machinic representation
xxxxx the computational revolution in art
xxxxx contemporary monadology
xxxxx the executable's song
crash the game of life and los alamos trinity site

All submissions for projects, proposals or papers should be indicated by a Uniform Resource Locator (URL) in standard protocol, emailed to xxxxx[at] by 20th December 2005.