Room with Edited Soundscape

Akitsugu Maebayashi's new sound installation "4Pieces for Object, Sound, Space and Body - 'Radio,' 'Window,' 'Metronome,' 'Darkness,'" is now exhibited at NTT ICC Museum in Tokyo. Looks like it's based on Radio Room (photo).

[Radio Room.]

When you sit and wear a headphone in Radio Room, you start hearing sound from the radio in front of you. Then you start hearing the sound of leaves on the floor, and now you realize you are listening to the sound from the trees outside the room. The careful design of the sound space provides a unique multimodal experience.

(Yeah, well, writing about sound is like dancing about architecture isn't it?)

His installation is part of the exhibition called "Possible Futures: Japanese Post-War Art and Technology".

Nikkei recently wrote a nice article summarizing Maebayashi's works including: Radio Room, Disclavier, Audible Distance, Sonic Interface, [I/O] white room, [I/O] warehouse, [I/O] distant place, Velocity, and Motto Darwin. If you want, check out the article to at least see various photos.