Member RSS: 300 more feeds!
Francis Hwang:

I just turned on our Member RSS feeds. Starting today, Rhizome Members have the option of publishing their Rhizome activity via RSS. This includes artworks and texts added to Rhizome within the past year.

These feeds can be found from a member page. Here's the member page of
Minneapolis-based artist Abinadi Meza:

Note the line that says "Member RSS feed" and points you to this:

... which you could then enter into your RSS reader/aggregator/reBlog
tool and do whatever with.

Every Member has the option of having a syndication feed, though they can also opt out by choosing to be anonymous on their preferences page.

This feature adds more than 300 feeds to our mix of syndication feeds. (300 is a lot less than our membership, but that's the number of Members who have posted art or text in the past year _and_ have elected to be anonymous.)

Let me know your thoughts, whether this is useful, how it could be made more useful, etc.

And don't forget, if you feel like making a Member contribution, go to .