When I think about the word "NetSurfing", I found that we are net surfer who can't swim. In a different word, we are never free on the net without browser ready-made surf board.

In DriftNet, users interact with data-wave by using their body like they would on a real beach.

DriftNet" is connecting to World Wide Web. The first website DriftNet accesses is chosen depending on the location of the exhibition site.


The data is displayed in hexadecimal format without encoding. The screen shot of the website covers the surface of the wave, is decomposed into abstract color element and generates unlimited variation of wave appearance. Movements of the audience are analized and conveyed to the wave as the vector of the plural forces with location, direction and integer value.

When the wave is moved fast, the link from the URL which generated the wave comes to the surface. After some time, the wave of the first link fades out and "DriftNet" chooses the next URL (the one which is nearest from center of floor.) At this time, audience can't control the behavior of "DriftNet". It is decided by the condition of the wave as the result of accumulation of audience action. And "DriftNet" accesses the web site and downloads the data. And data-wave surges to the audience again...

Also by Hirakawa Norimichi: Global Bearing.
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