Steve Kurtz, "Art and Discipline," NYC December 12
Steve Kurtz Talk - "Art and Discipline"

What: Presentation / Discussion Where: 16 Beaver Street, 4th floor
When: Monday Night 12.12.05 @ 7:30 Pm
Who: Open To All

Our short introductions to events sometimes aspire to a provocation for the evening. How is that we have come so far and seemingly done so little to stop it? How is that we are being disciplined to accept this state of endless war? How is it that so much is being done and yet the same tune plays on? War abroad and war at home. Civil Liberties, "human" rights, open debate, OUT! Torture, abduction, abuse, expulsion, unabashed lies and untold casualties - the stuff of everyday news. Case by case, step by step, it is difficult to tell whether this war without end is reaching its end or sinking into our guts. All be it the language is dramatic, the reality is far more outrageous and devastating. We are in a state of emergency, a state of exception. What are the implications of this on our activities? [....]