All Together Now:


Collective Knowledge... Narratives... Architectures of Participation

"ABSTRACT: This essay is an exploration of the history and methodologies of collective narrative projects, and their relationship to collective knowledge projects and methodologies. By examining different forms of conscious, contributory, and unwitting participation, the essay attempts to develop a richer understanding of successful large-scale collaborative projects. The essay then examines largescale architectures of participation in Wikipedia and Flickr to extrapolate from those observations potential methodologies for the creation of collective narratives.

Keywords: Collective, social, systems, literary, collaboration, hypertext, constructive, constraints, writing, process, architecture, participation, narrative, literature." From All Together Now: Collective Knowledge, Collective Narratives, and Architectures of Participation by Scott Rettberg, The Richard Stockton College of New Jersey Arts and Humanities, Literature Program. Presented at DAC 2005. [via elo]