Spyglass for Amplifying Nostalgic Feelings

Spyglass, by Fumiaki Murakami, is a spy glass that provides immersive 360-dgree virtual reality experiences. When you rotate the spyglass, what you see moves in the right manner, giving you the illusion of peeping into a real space. You can also zoom in and out.

spyglass1.jpg spyglass2.jpg
[Using spy glass.]

Murakami uses this device to convey a kind of nostalgic feeling related to one's childhood. He visited places where he played as a kid, took pictures, and recreated 360-degree scenery in black and white, which can only be viewed through the spyglass.

Spyglass seems to amplify nostalgic feelings -- someone who used this device says it could provide very emotional experiences if its zooming feature can be enhanced to allow one to smoothly zoom into realistic close-up views.

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via Digital Stadium