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"free lutz!" by Johannes Auer

Dec 8, 2005, 7 p.m. CET, Berlin: FM 95.2 - Wroclaw/Poland: FM 91.3

The stochastic texts by the German mathematician Theo Lutz from the year 1959 are considered being among the milestones of computer-generated poetry. Stochastic texts are texts whose words are defined by chance. Sentences ort parts of sentences are selected by chance operations and are put together to form a language continuum. The free lutz! radio project by Johannes Auer, one Germany's best-known net artists, is based on reprogramming the original pioneering work. A web interface allows listeners to influence the generation of text both at the gallery and on the Internet. The listeners can participate in generating the text, done by the machine, via a web interface. Together with the computer, the listeners will create the textual basis of the live program, during which a speaker will "stage" in real time the computer poetry. Text input is possible in German and Polish.

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