Das Park Hotel, minimal accomodation in Linz

This one is for Sascha who was looking for accomodation in Linz during Ars Electronica.

aaaaparke.jpg aaapark.jpg

Das ParkHotel offers room with minimum space volume for maximum comfort in the green heart of Linz. The reservoir under and beside the couch surface (fitted with an Optimo matress) offers some space for your luggage. There's even a power connection (220 V) for your electrical appliances and a plug for Internet connection.

Sanitary facilities, breakfast area and other hotel amenities are to be found around the hotel: at the Danube park public toilets and at the cafés of Linz city centre.

Book now and pay as you wish (apparently the system works quite well, people leave between 7 and 20 € and sometimes even little presents.)

English version of the website soon.

Thanks Andi!

Btw, if any of you is going to Ars and want to meet, just drop me a line!