Mediatopia.2 fresh!
Jessica Ivins:

Mediatopia.2 fresh! assembles an exciting mix of recent net-based work by
a diverse group of neoteric artists, creatives and thinkers. Their fresh,
networked interfaces look to a variety of means to utilize the internet,
as playground, platform or paintbrush. is a recurring
network mediated culture space for art, technology and writing. We still
believe in networked culture.

Jessica Ivins
Carlos Katastrofsky
Michael Takeo Magruder
Jillian Mcdonald
Mike Mike
Carrie Paterson
Christina Ray and Dave Mandl
Geoffrey Thomas
Lara Bank
Aerostatic and Andrew Bucksbarg

Produced by, a non-profit arts organization
Curated by Lara Bank and Andrew Bucksbarg