Interstate Interventions (correct URL)

Why restrict anti-war commentary to the information superhighway, when the original, concrete-and-asphalt superhighways beckon? That's the back-to-meatspace guerrilla ethos behind Freewayblogging, a site that advocates a low-tech means to reach thousands of captive eyeballs: hanging posters on overpasses and signs with punchy, simple messages. The site includes a fotoblog of placards from around the U.S.-- ranging from old standbys like 'Bush Lied' and 'Who Would Jesus Bomb?' to more inventive invectives like 'You can have my gun when you pry it from the hands of my cold, dead child' and the enigmatic 'Chimpeach', as well a how-to guide of tried-and-true poster-hanging maneuvers like 'The Nighthawk' and 'The Hidden Dragon'. By providing a cleaning house of past posters, Freewayblogging serves as a vector for slogan-spreading. With right-wing talk-radio clogging American drivetime airwaves, why not offer commuters a political alternative? - Ed Halter