Public Space is a Verb

Earlier this summer, I received a chilling email with the subject heading 'Note to self,' sent from my own email account. 'Next time make sure to log out,' the message read. 'You never know who might be watching.' The warning turned out to be from a provocative new collective called Public Space Initiative, or PSI (pronounced 'piss'). PSI's initiative is to treat public space as a verb rather than a noun: 'public space is the act of debating what is legitimate and illegitimate in a democratic society.' Their website provides a Public Space Kit offering helpful tips on the legalities and logistics of how to create public space. 'You can gather people together to create dialogue as long as you keep the flow of people unobstructed,' the kit reads. 'Bring an usher, create an aisle, or offer shuttle services.' Tactical media that includes thoughtful event planning. - Claire Barliant