The OTHER Whitney Biennial

Now that the official Whitney Biennial is on view in New York, it's time to look at -- an online exhibition NOT sponsored by the Whitney Museum of American Art, but organized by artist Miltos Manetas. Those included aren't just artists, but support themselves and create cool stuff as designers, architects, and programmers. Without the "parasite" of, many of these works might be unseen by the public, and because their creators operate outside of the art world, they may not have the same opportunities to have the Whitney Biennial stamp as the artists included in the real exhibition. (Well, sort of. Artist Yael Kanarek, for instance, whose work is pictured, is in both shows. And who knows? A savvy curator might solicit some future exhibition material from Manetas' "parasite.") All of the works included on are available for manipulation by the user...via a handy application called "Turntable" devised by artist Michael Rees...a feature one certainly won't find at the official Whitney Biennale, online or off.