• Location:SomoS Art House Berlin between March 2-13 2021.
Ambactia Memoria is a group exhibition to be presented at SomoS Art House Berlin between March 2-13 2021, coinciding with the Berlin Travel Festival as an alternative critical venue. Applications are welcome that deconstruct the idea of Hispanicness and/or collectively imagine its transformation. Ambactia Memoria offers artists, critics and ...

  • Location:online
Introducing The 2021 Guthman Competition Finalists

The 2021 Guthman Musical Instrument Competition has begun, and we want you to be a judge.

The Guthman Musical Instrument Competition is one of the only competitions of its kind: an event dedicated to identifying the newest and greatest ideas in music. Every year ...

  • Location:Join the Localhost School of Art: https://discord.com/invite/8f6HJTCh5w
The Localhost School of Art is a Discord-based artist community for sharing ideas, projects, and opportunities. It's just like regular art school, except it won't leave you with crippling debt and there's no homework! Localhost is now offering two month-long PAID artist residencies, The Emote Residency and The Video Art ...

  • Location:Online
I am happy to invite you to take a scroll through the two show projects I am hosting on my website as part of White Page Gallery/s.
De_Compose - Image Element/z
I[NFT]ALY - A community group show
De_Compose - Image Element ...

  • Location:Online
Deus Ex Machina is on show with the Central Academy of Fine Arts of Beijing, China.

"How can our experience with AI enhance meanings and aspects of our existence that we take for granted?"

Humanity is going through a struggle. The enemy this time is invisible. It has no ...

  • Location:the internet
Dear friends & colleagues,

Hope this email finds you well and safe.
I am glad to present "Out of nature” a quarantine-inspired GIF by Martin Spigola, hosted by the WAG from November 9 2020 until January 9 2021.
The Widget Art Gallery http://www.chiarapassa.it/wag is a Web-App ...

  • Location:Cologne (Germany) Kolkata (India)
NewMediaFest2020 '11 - the 1st Corona Festival

1 November 2020 - launch of WOW Jubilee 2020 XI - the 11th festival edition

Hurray, the new festival edition is here, including new exiting features - Videoartist of the Month - Marcantonio Lunardi (feature on 2 November) - Netartist of the Month - Jürgen ...

  • Location:online
/ Looking for residents who have experience with creative technologies, coding, programming /

- a period of development
- the area in a theater
- a particular area of public life

Is it just a stage we’re in/on right now? What is it exactly anyway? Or, what could it be ...

  • Location:University of Florida 1370 Inner Road Gainesville, FL 32611
Position: Full-time, 9 month, tenure accruing faculty position
Date of Expected Hire: August 16, 2021
Salary: Competitive and commensurate with qualifications and experience.

The University of Florida School of Art + Art History, College of the Arts, invites applications for the position Assistant Professor in Art and Design specializing ...

  • Location:https://arsnovanyc.com/The-Other-Other
In the wake of Kamala Harris’ vice presidential nomination, and counting down to the 2020 Election, a queer interracial couple attempt to situate their relationship in a larger constellation of Black and South Asian encounters. THE OTHER OTHER is the third installment of VICHITRA, an audio/visual experiment in queer ...

  • Location:Lisbon Architecture Triennale, Campo Santa Clara 142-145, 1100-474 Lisbon, Portugal. Open-air event.
Human Entities 2020: culture in the age of artificial intelligence
Fourth edition
Programme of public talks, November 2020
All welcome, free, booking required
Talks in English

Thur 5 November 2020, 18.30
navigating the urban fog: on urban adaptation
Andrea Pavoni, researcher at DIN MIA'CET ISCTE-IUL

The talk dives into ...

  • Location:Everywhere
TELEPHONE is a global art project based on the children’s game Telephone (also called Operator, Grapevine, Telefono Roto, Dengon, Stille Poste, Telefono Descompuesto, Phonebook), in which a message is whispered from person to person. In this game, the message is whispered from art form to art form. A poem ...

  • Location:London, United Kingdom as well as online, during covid-19 emergency
LandEscape is launching the 2021 edition of “LandEscape Now!”, an open art event that will once again introduce nine artists in various fine arts disciplines, with the goal of discovering talented creatives from around the world and supporting their art activities. Accepted discipines:

• Painting
• Fine Art Photography
• Video Art
• Installation ...

  • Location:Online- Mana Contemporary Website

Artists! As you are probably being bombarded by loads of calls for submission at the moment, to save you some time, if the above hashtags apply to you or interest you, continue reading.

Every person ...

  • Location:https://bit.ly/3e2LYJy
ADJACENT (adjacent.press) is the online journal of emerging media published by New York University’s Interactive Telecommunications Program, or ITP.

For issue 8 "DISEMBODY // ANTIBODY" we are seeking thought-provoking essays, research, commentary, and work relating to current discourse around emerging technologies on the themes of:

post-touch, post-intimacy, bed posts ...

Across November 2020 the University of Dundee's 'The Future of Indeterminacy: Datification, Memory, Bio-Politics' project will be hosting a series of virtual workshops and talks with world-leading artists and theorists. Bookings are now open – visit https://indeterminacy.ac.uk/events/virtual-workshops/ for more information. Workshop numbers are limited; artist talks ...